Master Habib

1969 Born and raised in Kabul Afghanistan

1979 Started Tae Kwon Do under Haidery Tae Kwon Do Club in Kabul

1983 Moved to Quetta, Pakistan and Trained with Changezi Kung Fu Club

1985 Moved to Karachi Pakistan and Trained with Aero Tae Kwon Do Club

1986 Moved to U.S. and trained under Joʼs Tae Kwon Do with Grand Master Si Young Jo

1988 Participated in Junior Olympics both forms and sparring in Tampa Fl held at Sun Dome.

1989 Started training under Yung Ho Tae Kwon Do, under Grand Master Yung Ho Jun

1990 Participated in many local Yung Ho TKD sponsored tournaments.

1993 Accomplished 3rd Dan Black Belt, and started teaching TKD at Universal Academy of Florida.

1996 Appointed as the Chief Instructor at Yung Ho Tae Kwon Do.

1999 Accomplished 4th Dan Black Belt. Directed the Yung Ho TKD Demonstration and Tournament Teams.

2004 Attained 5th Dan Black Belt and was officially declared a Certified Master Instructor by Chang Moo Kwan Federation.

2005 Appointed as the Director of Yung Ho Tae Kwon Do School

2006 President of Habibʼs Yung Ho Martial Arts Inc.

2008 Owner of Wesley Chapel Martial Arts Academy

2009 Accomplished 6th Dan Black Belt in WTF.